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Natalie Baroni

Legendary Heroes

Legendary Heroes is the companion collection to the goddesses, embodying the strength and vision of Gods and Heroes.

These hand carved portraits are exquisitely detailed, originally carved in cameo shell by Italian masters, then cast in precious metals, sterling silver, & layered in rodium & 18K gold. The collection is available in an 18K gold satin finish and in sterling silver with an antique finish. Selected details include calibrated Swiss cubic zirconia accents. The Legendary Heroes are available as cuff bracelets & buckles.

Legendary Heroes

Alexander the Great, Macedonian King, Conqueror of the Civilized World, founder of Alexandria, Egypt & The Library of Alexandria (the city & his namesake)

Apollo, Sun God, Twin to Diana (the Moon Goddess), Apollo drives his chariot (The Sun) across the sky each day.

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