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Natalie Baroni

Goddesses of Olympus

Goddesses of Olympus are limited editions.

Exquisitely detailed, originally carved by Italian masters, in exotic gem-stones, Mediterranean coral, cameo shell, archival ivory & mother of pearl shell, these breathtaking works are indeed a lost art.

Goddess of Olympus

Venus, Goddess of Love, Venus rose from the sea, emerging fully formed from a shell. No man can resist her…she is the embodiment of Love. Hand carved by Italian masters, The Venus Rising Pendant is created from Ivory, Mediterranean Coral & Mother of Pearl Shell.

Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite is the Greek Incarnation of Venus. In this Incarnation, She was also the Goddess who protected Greek sea voyagers. Hand carved by Italian masters, this carved cameo shell image is available in a small original edition.

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