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Natalie Baroni


The Pleiades (Play-ads), are Star Goddesses, daughters of Pleione (Play-own-e), a Nereid, and the God Atlas.

Pleione means “sailing queen” and her daughters would be the “sailing ones.” They are a brilliant constellation in the night sky. When you are with the Pleiades, you are at full sail and nothing stands in your way! These hand carved portraits are exquisitely detailed, originally carved in cameo shell, by Italian masters, then cast in precious metals, sterling silver, & layered in rodium & 18K gold. The collection is available in an 18K gold satin finish and in sterling silver with an antique finish. Selected details include calibrated Swiss cubic zirconia accents. These beautiful Star Goddesses are appropriate for either men or women. The Pleiades are available as charm necklaces & bracelets, as well as link bracelets.

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The Pleiades

Ceylana (pronounced Cey-lan-na), Star Goddess, Ceylana means “striking beauty”
Meropa (pronounced Mer-oh-pa), Star Goddess, Meropa means “elegance”
Ayone (pronounced Ay-own-eh), Star Goddess & Protector of Heroes
Asteropa (pronounced Aster-oh-pa) Star Goddess, Asteropa means “lightening, twinkling, sun-faced”
Electra, Star Goddess, her name means “shining,” Electra brings illumination
Taya (pronounced Tay-ah), Star Goddess, Taya means “lithe & graceful”

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