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Natalie Baroni


The Nereids (Ner-e-ids) are Sea Goddesses, daughters of Poseidon, who protect the oceans and all sea life.

These hand carved amulets are exquisitely detailed, originally carved in cameo shell, by Italian masters, then cast in precious metals, sterling silver, & layered in rodium & 18K gold. The collection is available in an 18K gold satin finish and in sterling silver with an antique finish. Selected details include calibrated Swiss cubic zirconia accents & precious & semi-precious gem-stones.

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The Nereid’s

Thetis (pronounced Thee-tis), Goddess of Sea Life, Thetis is the leader of the Nereids

Galene (pronounced Gal-e-ne), Goddess of the Sea, Galene is also Goddess of Calm Seas

Amphitrite (pronounced Amp-fre-trite), Goddess of the Sea, Amphritrite is also Goddess of Sea Winds

Dione (pronounced Di-o-nee), Goddess of the Sea, Dione is also the Goddess of Divine Beauty

Galateia (pronounced Gal-ay-tia), Goddess of the Sea, Galateia is also Goddess of the Waves

Maira (pronounced May-rah), Goddess of the Sea, Maira is also the goddess of creation

Panopeia (pronounced Pan-oh-pia), Goddess of the Sea, Panopeia is also Goddess of the Horizon

Circe (pronounced Sear-say), Goddess of the Sea, her name means “Powerful”

Andromeda (pronounced Ann-dro-me-da), Goddess of the Sea, Andromeda means divine beauty, a constellation, she was in life a sea princess

Cassiopeia (pronounced Casie-o-pia), Goddess of the Sea, Cassiopeia means queen, a constellation, Cassiopeia was in life a sea queen.

Ariadne (pronounced Ah-rad-in-eh), Goddess of the Sea, Ariadne was also a sea princess. Her name means Intelligent Beauty. Ariadne is also a protector of heroes

Asteria (pronounced Ass-tear-ea), was the Titan Goddess of dreams & star gazing. After the Titan conquest, she became a Sea Goddess.

Astarte (pronounced Ass-start),the Lady of the Beasts, Astarte, was a Phoenician Goddess, also worshiped as a Sea Goddess by the Romans. She was the Great

Goddess, all-powerful, creating & preserving, an embodiment of Mother Nature, protecting all the animals of the earth, sky & sea.

Pallas (pronounced Pal-lass), Goddess of the Sea, Pallas was also the Goddess of Friendship & a beloved friend to the Goddess Artemis

Danae (pronounced Dan-eh), Goddess of the Sea & Sea Princess, Danae is the Creator of Heroes (Available in Earrings & Cufflinks)

The Sirens, Irresistible Sea Goddess who enchanted men with their beautiful voices.

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