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Natalie Baroni

About Natalie Baroni

Mission Statement

My dream has always been to create beautiful jewelry which infuses classical style with a modern look . I designed my Signature Collection for the woman of today, who may already have the best of the best, but needs that added flare, drama, and fantasy that classical jewelry can not always provide. In Roman times women used jeweled adornments as a way to indicate social status and affluence. For the woman of today, jewelry is undoubtedly a statement about herself. Since I grew up in a family dedicated to the making of fine jewelry, I was able to see first-hand the importance that it held for women.

The Natalie Baroni jewelry collections are realizations of my dream - to create wearable works of art that illustrate my personal vision of beauty. My original one-of-a-kind pieces are created from hand selected precious and semi-precious gemstones from around the World. Unique in origin and breathtaking in beauty, each gemstone is an individual and natural work of art. Designed to be versatile, my jewelry is a significant and powerful complement to the daily wardrobe of professional women as well as a very valuable addition to their most extravagant after sun-down ensembles.



Artistry in Jewels Natalie Baroni ascends from generations of Italian jewelers, creating beautiful jewelry of precious and semi- precious gemstones. For two hundred years, the Baroni family designed jewelry for the royal families of Florence, Milan and Rome. Honoring this glamorous heritage, Natalie incorporates a lifetime of experience and her unique artistic vision, creating jewelry of exquisite color, elegance, intrigue and romance!  Captivating and spirited, each jewel is designed and hand crafted with skillful awareness of the gemstone and its distinctive qualities.

Inspired by the treasures of the earth and the sea, reflecting the natural beauty of the California coast, Natalie's signature collection are one of a kind jewels, wearable works of art, formed of the rarest materials...hand carved coral, turquoise and gold, exotic pearls and the dazzling brilliance of gemstones.

Natalie Baroni jewelry is worn by celebrities; walked down the red carpet; and featured in film and television, fashion spreads and on the covers of today's most widely read magazines. Her loyal following of customers have launched a highly successful business. Available at the prestigious Saks Fifth Avenue fine jewelry departments, across the country . Natalie Baroni jewelry is a passionate reflection of the modern, sophisticated, fashionable woman.



Natalie's formal training included the time honored skill and tradition of instruction in her family business, as well as university studies in art and programs with the Gem Institute of America. Her rare talent and vivacious personality have won her speaking engagements around the country, as well as exclusive relationships with DeBeers and the Platinum Guild. She is also an invitational exhibitor for the Spectrum Awards, the pinnacle jewelry design competition sponsored by the American Gemological Trade Association.

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